Helping Organizations Find Their Voice


Think of us as your counsel for the court of public opinion. Our role is to inspire and evoke emotions from your stakeholders.

We’re an experienced team of professional narrators who believe marketing is transforming into a subset of public relations.

Who wants to be marketed-to? Today, it’s about relationships. Few in our industry have the comprehensive skills in brand development to do what seasoned public relations specialists do. We make an impact by caring deeply about your success and knowing which communications strategies match your situation.

Our Team

Hire a group that uncovers unique ideas to distinguish your organization from the noisy masses. Review our experience here.

We’re not a large firm, yet we’ve managed big public issues. There’s no junior varsity here. The same people you see in meetings roll up their sleeves to provide counsel and a work ethic to make good things happen.

“MISNER’s been with us from the beginning. They listen well and truly understand the importance of developing an organization’s brand identity. Once they helped us nail ours, it has helped us thrive and communicate better, across our business.”