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Think of us as your counsel for the court of public opinion. Our role is to inspire your stakeholders and make good things happen.

We’re a team of communicators who have experience in all aspects of marketing communications, brand development, graphic design, and public relations.

Who wants to be marketed-to? Today, it’s about relationships. It’s important to have the comprehensive skills in brand development to do what seasoned communicators do. We make an impact by caring deeply about your success and knowing which communications strategies match your situation.

Hire an advocate who takes the time to uncover unique ideas to distinguish your organization from the noisy masses.

Scott Misner

Scott is an experienced communicator, author and instructor. As an adolescent, he recognized an intrigue toward memorable brands: growing up on KISS, wearing a rainbow collection of Sears Toughskin jeans, and the first edition of Air Jordans.

Raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., Scott’s formative years featured experience in television broadcasting. He is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina. With 25 years of managing brands in his tool belt, Scott is keenly able to position organizations for impact across a wide range of industries such as: industrial manufacturing; construction and real estate; performing and visual arts; hospitals and healthcare; oil, gas and energy; financial services; wireless technology; higher education; telecom and infotech.

Scott served as an adjunct instructor in the UNC Journalism School’s top-ranked public relations department for 13 years, and currently serves as an executive board member of Self-Help Credit Union. In his free time Scott listens to unpopular music, likes animals and does not eat them. He’s on LinkedIn.

“MISNER’s been with us from the beginning. They listen well and truly understand the importance of developing an organization’s brand identity. Once they helped us nail ours, it has helped us thrive and communicate better, across our business.”