Client News ADF Performance We Love Arabs Attracts Audience In Cary

June 12th, 2017 | by: Scott Misner

Henry Gargan of the News & Observer wrote a terrific article about this week’s performances of “We Love Arabs” at The Cary Theater. This is the inaugural performance of the beloved American Dance Festival in Cary.

‘We Love Arabs,’ a dance about art and identity, comes to Cary

A show called “We Love Arabs” might seem out of place in suburban Wake County, thousands of miles from the show’s setting in Israel.

But that’s no obstacle for award-winning Israeli choreographer Hillel Kogan, whose theatrical duet uses the story of Israeli-Arab tensions to examine identity and division everywhere.

“We’ve performed it in many places around the world where there are almost no Arabs at all,” Kogan said. “This piece is very easy to translate to the local situation, because it talks about any kind of racism or discrimination. It could be between white and black, between men and women, between straight and gay people. I think it’s very easy for any audience to make the parallel.”

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