Client News Motorcycle Exhibit Coming to City of Raleigh Museum

July 15th, 2015 | by: Scott Misner

baggers bobbers & bikers black copy

Motorcycle enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes, races and creeds. While “Sons of Anarchy” is an award-winning television drama, it doesn’t accurately describe the spirit, heritage and rush created by the unmistakable rumble of riding a “hog.” However, an exhibit coming to the City of Raleigh (COR) Museum does correctly showcase the motorcycle heritage.

The exhibit, “Baggers, Bobbers & Bikers,” will run throughout the month of August at the museum, located at 220 Fayetteville St. in Downtown Raleigh. The exhibit will explore the history of Raleigh’s motorcycle culture through the decades and features a number of unique bikes.

“The COR Museum is excited to feature Raleigh’s motorcycle history,” said Ernest Dollar, museum director. “From the bikes of the Highway Patrol to local legend Ray Price, motorcycling has always been a part of the city’s past.”

Read the full story at the City website.