Client News Museum Exhibit Highlights Motorcycle Culture in Raleigh

August 23rd, 2015 | by: Scott Misner


News & Observer columnist Lori D.R. Wiggins visited our “Bobbers, Baggers & Bikers” exhibit recently. A short excerpt is shown here with full article at the N&O.

I’m always giddy when we learn things we don’t know because we never knew we ought to know. And it’s especially cool when the new knowledge destroys all we assumed.

Like, do you know:

  • Raleigh’s first motorcycle club started in 1916?
  • The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club of Raleigh is named in honor of African-American Army Cavalry soldiers compared to buffalo by their Native-American enemy for their curly hair and tenacious fight during service from 1866 to 1944, when the military was integrated?
  • Raleigh is home to two superstars of motorcycle racing – drag racing champ Ray Price and endurance champ Bob Steinbugler – who owned their first shops next door to each other and shared tools?

Shucks, don’t rely on me. Go visit the City of Raleigh Museum’s “Baggers, Bobbers & Bikers” exhibit to delve into the past and present culture of the city’s motorcycling community.  Read on.