Our Team Scott Misner

Scott is an experienced communicator, author and instructor. As an adolescent, he recognized an intrigue toward memorable brands: growing up on KISS, wearing a rainbow collection of Sears Toughskin jeans and the first edition of Air Jordans.

Raised in Fort Wayne, Ind., Scott’s formative years featured in-depth experience in television broadcasting. He is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina. With 20 years of managing brands in his tool belt, Scott is keenly able to position organizations for impact and has a reputation for being helpful. He has worked with media across the spectrum of industry.

His industry experience includes: professional services; consumer retail; industrial manufacturing; construction and real estate; performing and visual arts; issues of social justice, poverty and race relations; hospitals and healthcare; oil, gas and energy; financial services; wireless technology; animal welfare; higher education; telecom and infotech.

Scott served as an adjunct instructor in the UNC Journalism School’s top-ranked public relations department for 12 years, and currently serves as an executive board member of Self-Help Credit Union.

In his free time Scott’s a yogi, cyclist, swimmer and runner, among other things. He listens to unpopular music, likes animals and does not eat them. 

Scott Misner is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn