Branding Wisdom A brand that pops

February 15th, 2016 | by: Scott Misner



It’s no secret how challenging it can be to stand out in today’s advertising universe. Most ads are going to get ignored. Some are poorly conceived, while others just look like everybody else’s.

Fear not, it’s still very possible to make a memorable impression. Take the The Cary Theater’s advertising you see here.

Building a vibrant brand

MISNER has been working with the Town of Cary for the past six months to hone its brand and help increase awareness of the theater’s mission.

It’s working, locals are flocking to the Triangle’s newest, old theater. The Cary serves this fast-growing community as a central gathering place downtown for art house cinema and unique live performances.

Cary-Theater-Independent-WeeklyThe ad you see here unveils The Cary’s “Dynamic C” in the Independent Weekly’s Arts Finder magazine.

We conceived of this visual element to help establish brand with a symbol that sets mood and differentiates the venue among many entertainment options.

As you can see, it pops off the page compared to those around it. All the elements in the ad, from bold colors to concise copy help establish a unique visual + verbal communications tone.

Both the print and online ads demonstrate the vibrancy of programming that’s attracting new activity to downtown Cary. We’ll detail the ideas that fueled our brand development process to create this “Dynamic C” in a separate post.

In the meantime, stop by The Cary to see for yourself and drop us a line. Entertainment that’s beyond ordinary is alive and well downtown.