Client News News & Observer Highlights Rare Confluence of Wrestling & Church at Bikefest

September 12th, 2016 | by: Scott Misner



We’re always excited for Ray Price Capital City Bikefest, the Carolinas’ largest motorcycle festival and custom bike show. Yet, this year we’re especially looking forward to the Freedom Biker Church Service, which features wrestling legends.  Yes, you read that correctly, a church service with professional wrestlers!

As the N&O explained in this feature story, Freedom Biker Church will bring wrestling celebrities Ivan Koloff, Shane Douglas, The Barbarian and others to participate in wrestling matches mixed in with a church sermon.

This is a first in the 12 years of Bikefest, which brings motorcycle culture and camaraderie to downtown Raleigh. You can see all the action for free at the Raleigh Convention Center on Sunday during the Ray Price Motorsports Expo. Or, check it out on the Ray Price Harley-Davidson and Triumph Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.